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Chicken mouthfeel is exquisite, edible chicken also can rise to add the effect of the protein inside body and cholesterol, suit to lying especially the patient of recuperate phase or be in edible of growing budding adolescent. On the Chinese’s table, also have all sorts of dish formula that use chicken cuisine, be together with the different collocation that feed capable person, have different mouthfeel, can produce its better nutrition value. So chicken can feed material to match in one with whatFall in love with the sea

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Chicken can fry what dish

Chicken can fry:

Chicken fries papaya, chicken fries 3, sweet hot chicken is fried orchid, chicken fries yam, chicken to fry chicken of Chi of bamboo shoot silk, beans to fry meal, chicken to fry potato, chicken to fry Chinese cabbage carrot on the west silk, chicken fries bright stay of proceedings, chicken to fry aubergine.

Introductory chicken fries the detailed practice of aubergine below:

Raw material: Gallinaceous wing root 8 root, Hangzhou eggplant 2 root, green pepper 1, garlic, salt, unripe pump oil of soy, edible.

One, aubergine goes the base of a fruit is abluent; this kind of long and thin Hangzhou eggplant is very tender, need not flay, it is OK to cut paragraphs small directly.

2, aubergine cuts paragraphs small, garlic flay is patted flat, green pepper goes seed is cut small piece

3, gallinaceous wing root goes bone, cut small, with unripe smoke soy to bloat 5 minutes;(Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Changing drumstick flesh also is same)

4, the get angry that fry pan burns heat, put in garlic scamper sweet

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The chicken that has bloated is put in fry become angry, fry again to partly ripe

Chicken can fry what dish

6, put in the aubergine that has cut break up if color is insufficient,fry; , can add a dot to be born again smoke soy goes in grace render palatable

7, aubergine is fast ripe when put salt to flavor, put in the green pepper that has cut break up when frying;(a few times to notice to put salt, want right amount, because be born smoking also is salty)

8, fry can give boiler very much

The practice of potato carbonado

Advocate makings: Chicken right amount potato is right amount green pepper is right amount

Complementary makings: Jiang Kuo measures garlic right amount Chinese prickly ash right amount

Condiment: Thick broad-bean sauce right amount soy is right amount edible oil is right amount

Sweet vinegar right amount salt is right amount gallinaceous essence is right amount

1, prepare data: ; of oil of thick broad-bean sauce of county of chicken, potato, green pepper, ginger, garlic, Chinese prickly ash, soy, Pi, sweet vinegar, salt, edible

2, chicken is abluent stripping and slicing bloats with soy, Chinese prickly ash, ginger be soiled is a short while, potato is abluent cut and the hob with chicken same size piece;

3, boiler puts oil to burn heat, put chicken stir-fry before stewing to fry;

Chicken can fry what dish

4, fry to chicken both sides golden; of the Cheng Qi after about eight maturity

5, continue to put potato piece stir-fry before stewing to fry; with respect to the hot oil in boiler

6, decoct comes potato piece is completely ripe;

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7, enter 4 to 6 in, put green pepper and ginger garlic to explode again fry an aroma;

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8, dip one spoon thick broad-bean sauce explodes noisy in bottom oil, and of 5 feed material to break up together fry tasty;

9, join gallinaceous essence and salt to flavor can.

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