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The figure that can feel only female friends just care about him is good, actually more and more man friends hope now1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Oneself figure becomes betterer, such word can draw the look of more opposite sexes, let oneself become thereby more self-confident, but good figure is not a day to be born to be able to be had, this needs this acquired effort, do more for example a few have oxygen setting-up exercise, the figure that can let oneself so becomes better.

What does the characteristic of male setting-up exercise having oxygen have

Strong and handsome holding is weight is rapid after control is middleaged the gymnastical project with better get fat. What domestic outflow goes is strong and handsome hold divide roughly it is 6 kinds: The series that weaves by different age is strong and handsome the men and women that holds; to weave by different sexual distinction is strong and handsome two-men and the single person that does; to more or less weave by the number, collective are strong and handsome hold; to press model body and. The place on put together is narrated, strong and handsome holding is gymnastics of be in harmony, music, dancing the health of pursuit human body at an organic whole and beautiful athletic project, accordingly, strong and handsome hold have a variety of social culture functions such as sports, dancing, music, aesthetic education. Through strong and handsome hold take exercise achieve improvement constitution, promotional health, model sentiment of weight of bodily form, control, cheerful spirit, edify to wait ” 3 be good at ” purpose. The laurel that Feng Yujian beauty does the society is very much: Strong and handsome hold, dance of strong and handsome dance, setting-up exercise, fitness, healthy dance, oxygen is held, dancing having oxygen, motion having oxygen.

Every belongs to strong and handsome hold have 5 characteristics commonly:

① practices a movement learning easily simply to be able to understand, agree with different age administrative levels1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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② emphasizes behavioral semmetry and repeat exercise; ③ to emphasize substantially the movement practices;

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④ collective practices giving priority to;

⑤ has lively rhythm, form change feeling and metrical color.

Strong and handsome hold can divide for fitness and athletics two kinds big. What fitness gives priority to is strong and handsome hold a purpose to depend on fitness taking exercise, and athletics is strong and handsome hold a purpose to depend on undertaking training according to regulation, final to play the game. Man be good at hold the training that pays attention to shoulder, bosom, back, abdomen greatly; woman is strong and handsome hold pay attention to on bosom, waist, abdomen, coxal training. Young men and women is strong and handsome hold strength strong, range is big, use up beautiful and much, easy and abound times characteristic, get of young love.

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male friends must notice particularly when doing exercise cannot quite impatient, if do the word of this motion for a long time to be able to go very well,improve oneself constitution only, and make must become from personal figure than before more good, especially after finishing to move this, male friends are to be able to feel his figure has sarcous, become more Yang Gang.

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