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There are a lot of people in the life to improve the health, can choose to exercise this kind of method, one kind exercises a method to be called 8 paragraphs bright and beautiful, this is the gimmick of a kind of training that will train the vital organs of the human body through the movement, and when making this motion, must grasp each point of the body, and movement must normative ability has the effect quite, it is comprised by 8 poses, so 8 Duan Jin has what effect and effectForum of Shanghai night net

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8 Duan Jingong effect reach action

The first type: Both hands holds providential the three visceral cavities housing the internal organs in the palm

The three visceral cavities housing the internal organs is noun of archaic internal organs of the body, it is one of the six hollow organs, outside as so called as modern medicine blood-vessel1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Circulatory system, lymphatic the system such as the film outside film of hormonal, muscle and internal organs of the body is relevant, it is the fundamental organ of person systematic circulation and metabolization. The movement collects the calcaneal that ask a day to leave ground type, make hand ministry blood stream passes through gravity and the pressure that turn round to return to heart circulatory system quickly respectively, lower limbs makes the muscle of size leg contractive from the ground because of calcaneal, stimulative leg ministry returns cardiac blood circulation. The movement that asks a day can make rachis is obtained extend, the pose such as ameliorable hunch is undesirable, still can reduce rachis around splanchnic nerval is oppressive, promote the metabolism of each internal organs of the body.

8 Duan Jin has improvement to circulate whole of the first type, accelerate metabolic effect.

The 2nd type: Do several jobs in the same time is like shoot vulture

The behavioral point of the 2nd type is type of do several jobs in the same time, back of shoulder of enlarge bosom loose, cream the gas blood of blind, it is the optimal act that manage lung opens a chest.

8 Duan Jingong effect reach action

The 3rd type: Recuperation taste needs sheet to lift

The position of taste although be placed in the middle, but the bravery with digestion be closely bound up and pancreas, lienal live apart the left and right sides, pass through the action that sheet cites, extend side, the left and right sides by turns side sheet is lifted, not only have lienal aid, also have the effect of loose courage main and collateral channels, those who promote digestive gland is secrete with appetitive effect.

The 4th type: 7 injuries go to exhaustion or lesion of the five internal organs after look

” fatigue ” the condition that the excessive activity that is appearance physiology causes inflammation get angry, ” hurt ” it is the obstacle on psychological mood, both is the mankind begs the inevitable question in keeping a process, a pithy formula ” past after look ” have quite forget effort back after before remind, behavioral point reachs the muscle around to control turn twist rachis group make sarcous tension and convulsion drop, have effect of nerval of the periphery that know tune.

8 Duan Jingong effect reach action

The 5th type: Assume a manner of levity goes internal heat

The cerebral look that internal heat and contemporary place say is feeble the likeness such as disease, angst disease, common symptom has heat of palpitation of red bare of constipation, mouth male, the tip of the tongue, heart-throb, insomnia, 5 be perturbed to wait for disease. Behavioral point is in at ” place end ” , turn pelvic cavity stimulates the parasympathetic nerve system inside abdominal cavity namely, improve the symptom such as function of intestines and stomach and heart-throb, balance the activity with excessive and feverish cerebra, achieve go fall the effect of internal heat.

The 6th type: Back after 7 bump 100 ill disappear

What the 100 disease that say here point to is You Wuhe Er unconscious or autonomic nerve is disorder1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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A lot of and unwell disease that causes. Move through bump back after make gravitational and direct stimulation sufficient with, shaking force falls to amount to bump top oneself, and make each muscle between rachis group concern because of what get power and appear loosen condition, achieve the effect of the autonomic ganglion near the rachis that know tune. Hormonal system produces resonance motion because of shaking force to stimulation adjusts the effect of hormonal system to sexual gland from hypophysis, thyroid gland.

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The 7th type: Assemble fist glower gains strength

Liver advocate muscle, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Advocate eye, advocate anger. Want when acrobatics glower, pie-eyed, want fill to enrage at the same time at two eye with two fists, make diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain from liver outside amount to at muscle, dredge muscle arteries and veins enrages blood and the effect of the scanty gloomy that solve liver.

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The 8th type: Both hands climbs waist of sufficient solid kidney

The waist is the government office of kidney, kidney should be stroked to arrange cystic classics when acrobatics, both hands climbs backbone of waist of sufficient Qu Shen,

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